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    OK, so my 10 yr old wanted a phone, So I got her a qwertcorp text only plan.I chose a 7230 because they are on auction for 25 bucks unlocked, and qwertcorp has no contract. So if she looses it or breaks it I am not out a ton of money and stuck with crap for 2 years. So I wanted to make things easier for her on this thing. My issues are the following:

    How much of the apps can I delete without bricking the phone. It would be nice to have this thing streamlined for text only. For instance the activation icon top left. can i remove this? how? also the enterprise email icon

    when i click compose, it always defaults to email, can this be default to SMS?

    My voicemail icon is on, and I can not place calls how can i turn it off? I figured i would borrow a tmobile card and call it go to voicemail. then call v-mail and erase all messages and should remove, but i don't know a tmobiler...

    I guess the biggest thing on my list is exactly what can i delete from the remove apps area safely.. i dont want to ditch the phone icon so she can still dial 911 if needed. but the extra icons on main screen are a bummer. But she loves the brickbreaker.. LOL kids... any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I see a nice future for text only and kids, so the 7230 unlocked and streamlined would be the best deal out there especially since full qwerty keyboard.
    08-31-10 05:12 PM
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    Almost every kid I know has an e-mail address

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    01-03-11 01:47 AM