1. journeyforce's Avatar

    I have a tried and tested 7290 from Cingular (it is long unlocked) I have seen Vodafone versions of the 7290 and wondered is it possible to downlad the Vodafone OS to get the Vodafone icons instead of the Cingy icons I have currently on there?


    11-04-08 11:00 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Although I never tried it. I would think it would work. All you can do is try it. Backup first then download the OS and see what happens. You might run into problems with a few things. If it dont work just go back and delete the vendor.xml file and reload it. Let us know how you make out.
    11-05-08 05:46 AM
  3. bpbrown's Avatar
    I have the Vodaphone Theme on my Tmobile 7290 I did it today. Follow instruction per the previous poster, be sure to delete all vendor file, open the blackerry axl file and delete all vendor ID file, for instance Tmobile vendore Id is 125. There is instruction on this forum somewhere I cannot direct you to it now but you have to find it and it will instruct you how to do this. . I upgraded to a 8320 after selling my 8800 hundred and I had to go old school and do a 7290. Is there anyway to load media on to a 7290 other than OTA or having to email it to yourself. I am so new to the 7290 and very lost.
    11-09-08 11:15 PM