1. sweetamago's Avatar
    I'm now using my dad's old blackberry, a curve 8320.

    I'm happy with it overall but I'd love to be able to write in Japanese (though it's not imperative) . I've done a ton of research and downloaded a fair bit of OS's but none have worked, at the moment I can only view Japanese.

    I just want to know, is input possible for the 8320? I think it works for 8520... Most of the threads I've visited were not talking about this model specifically and were from 2-3 years ago, so firstly I just want a recent 2011 yes/no, "is it possible for curve 8320". If yes, please share how you (or someone else) did it ^^.

    I still have hope for this model since it can display AND write in Korean and Chinese... so can it only display Japanese?

    Any help appreciated, thanks (please no links to threads about different models like bold or torch, and I already know about the apps tab in desktop manager).
    07-03-11 10:55 AM