1. sheena.lee's Avatar
    I found an old 7520 at a pawn shop, and even though it was ridiculously - and i mean RIDICULOUSLY - out of price at $250, it got me wondering...

    If I bought an old Nextel 7520 on eBay (for 10x less than the pawn shop one), would it work on Telus? If not, are there any older BBs for Telus that anyone is aware of?

    ...Can you tell I need a new (old) toy?

    They also had an old beat-up 7200 series (not sure which one exactly) for $160. Is that not insanely overpriced?
    07-14-08 07:48 PM
  2. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Even though technically it would work, Telus' policy is not to activate any foreign (not sold by Telus) ESNs on their network.
    07-14-08 08:33 PM
  3. sheena.lee's Avatar
    Generally I activate my phones myself on the self-service website. In that case I assume it would work for a short period of time until Telus recognised the foreign phone, or would simply not activate/be recognised at all...

    So far it seems like all old Blackberrys for Telus are MIKE only, so it would require me to have an additional data plan... Blech.
    07-14-08 08:42 PM
  4. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    It probably won't even recognize the ESN as it's not in their inventory.
    07-14-08 09:43 PM