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    I see in a different thread that 4.5 is not available on the 7290... I'm not familiar with the different OS versions, but I guess 4.5 was a major leap....

    What is the newest stable OS for the 7290?

    The 7290 I have here is running, and I am wondering if it is worth the upgrade.

    Also, the 7290 is apperently an old Vodafone unit, as that is the boot up screen. Can that screen be changed?

    Thank you,
    02-03-09 10:21 PM
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    The 7290 is a gsm device.
    The 7250 is a cdma device. I believe 4.1 is the newest for the 7250. I have Tmobile and the newset OS for the 7290 is
    02-04-09 08:06 AM
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    Where / how do i get the new OS?

    I went to RIM's website, and ran the ActiveX updater, but it did not see any updates available.

    I presume this is because the device is so old, that it is not fully supported by the web updater.
    02-04-09 09:56 AM
  4. Heresy's Avatar
    Go to blackberr.com. Support then downloads. Select device and desktop downloads. It will ask you if you want to go to your service providers page for the update.

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    02-05-09 04:53 PM
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    OK, I downloaded (and instaleld) the file:
    7290E_PBrER4.1.0_rel556_PL1.8.0.154_A4.1.0.377_AWS .exe

    Currently running on an (unlocked?) Vodafone 7290. (Hoping to use with AT&T)

    However, when I connect my BB and run Desktop Manager (also just downloaded), i do not see any updates. I even clicked on App Loader -> Update, but it just scans my device and says "no updates available for your device".

    So, I deleted the "vendor.xml" file and tried again. Still same result.

    What should I try now?

    Thank you,
    02-06-09 01:30 PM
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    turn off your internet, sometimes it wont pick it up if its on.
    03-31-09 04:35 PM