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    hey all, what a good site this is and i thought i had to ask afew questions on the 7290 that will arrive tomarrow...iam from the uk

    I purchased this phone just because it was dirt cheap and i kinda liked the look of it, big n bulky lol..however i use a touch screen as my stylish handheld.. i have afew questions

    1. where do i download the OS 4.1(links please)
    2. what version of the desktop manager do i download (links please)
    3. i download some themes for this blackberry so will it work after i upgrade those two programs & is it hard to get the themes up & running. I download the bliss, highway, sunset theme..they look much brighter and colourful.

    my blackberry is unlocked so i can use any sim anytime on it which is great as iam not sure what provider i should go with, i know i cannot use email or internet if using a pay as you go sim which is fine.

    appreciate it to all that can help...
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    Go here and select the link to access your provider download site for the OS. I use 4.5 desktop manager and it works just fine.
    For the themes you have be certain that they are for your exact device and 4.1 OS. If not they will not work. To get them on your device all you have to do is download them to your pc and hook up your device to the pc. Start dekstop manager and go to app loader then browse to where you saved the files and select the theme you wish to load. Hit finish and it will install it for you. Hope this helps you.
    03-03-09 07:40 AM
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    i dont see your link?

    yes these themes are for 4.1..she also mentioned something about plasmic reader? do i need to install that also to get the themes. iam abit confused now.
    03-03-09 08:36 AM
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    03-03-09 06:46 PM
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    Hey the link provided for t mobile uk does not have no information or downloads in their for any OS.

    I tried the usa t mobile site and i got OS 4.1 but will that make a difference for my phone or will that be alright for me to install? i have a unlocked blackberry and the sim card i have wont be a data plan on t mobile, i will pay as i go for the mean time.

    do u also know once i install new OS, will it lock my phone to t mobile? do you know anything about that as i would prefare it to be unlocked, i just want to add these themes...another thing my sim is brand new and never used before but when i put it in the phone, it works fine but i dont see call features or a way on how to make a call??? i dont know if i have to activate the sim since its a sim ive never used before

    sorry but i thought this would be simple, been a nitemare trying to find the OS and wondering why i have no clue how to dial out on the blackberry, i dont see any option to ring out, all i see is sms, adding address, adding phone book etc
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    Yes you can use the TMobile. No it will not lock your device to Tmobile service. Just download and install the OS to your pc. Then delete the vendor.xml file. It is located here (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader).
    Take a look at the link for proper upgrade/downgrade in my signature. It will help you alot.
    03-05-09 05:45 PM