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    I'm from Germany and bought a 7730 from ebay, just got bb and USB craddle nothing else.
    I plugged my german sim card, looks like there is no more policy installed, did the policy remove action mentioned in the forum, but I can't do a phone call, I have no phone icon at all. I could send a sms.
    I have a enterprise activation icon, but no userid or pw is set, but there is a pin defined.
    Don't get calls. If I start, it shows GSM, then GPRS and after a while it says 'data connection refused' maybe a little different wording because it's German.
    It says 4.0.2 system software, I installed the BBDM , get connection to BB, it says for your device is no application available.

    Can anybody help me, don't know where to start.

    Thanks Volker
    07-03-08 05:39 PM
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    hi ,I did the same brought one on ebay now trying to get it to operate and wishing i brought a later model .I managed to download desktop manager v4.6 which works on my 7730 but not the media manager but it does synchronise with yahoo.I am unable to get internet and the phone says data connection refused but the phone icon is there and through vodaphone au sim I am able to phone call and sms and i imagine if you can sms you can phone call . perhaps something in options is not on its correct setting?.I wonder why the phone icon isnt there .Perhaps try going into options and restoring the theme to default screen to get the phone icon back?.set everything you can in options to enable ,default ,auto , or allow all in what ever you can in options.
    in options is sim card security is disabled?

    I dont know what i am talking about but maybe something there might click and allow you to call hopefully?.

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    02-06-09 04:49 AM
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    Ok. To the first poster. You need to go to blackberry.com then support then downloads. Select device and desktop applications. Then it will ask you if you would like to go to your service providers page. Go there then select your provider and you should be able to get a newer os. Download it and install it on your pc. Now hook back up to DM and it should prompt you to upgrade. I think the OS for you should be 4.1 but not sure. Then after that make sure you have a data plan. After all this have your service provider send you the service books.

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    02-07-09 07:30 AM