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    Hello all. I sell Blackberrys converted for the Boost Mobile network on eBay. I've been doing this for two months, and I have sold over 20 phones with no problems. However, recently I have found there is a problem with some new customers.

    These customers, all using the 7520, have been able to send texts but not receive them. This has happened both with newly activated accounts and with customers who have transferred their SIM card from their old Boost phones. It has happened with customers in different places across the country.

    I have tried putting my own Boost SIM card in a phone here and have had no problems.

    This began happening after I sent out instructions to my customers to update their IMEI numbers on the Boost website. I did this myself, and found that when I had entered my CORRECT IMEI number, I could no longer receive messages either (which seems odd). I changed it to another IMEI from a defective phone I had lying around and it began working again. I sent instructions and new IMEI numbers, even changed them for a few customers, but this still did not fix the problem for them.

    I have had one customer that did not update her IMEI, but still has this problem.

    All these phones were converted to Boost using the MMS_WiFiBrowser.ipd Service Books.

    I would appreciate any help anyone could give me. I'm a college student and
    selling phones is best way I could get by when I couldn't get a job. These Boostberrys sell slow, but they are my most profitable item.

    Has anyone had this problem lately?
    I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me.
    12-18-09 02:43 PM
  2. ShiFuBill's Avatar
    After some more work, I've discovered that it is only certain phones that have this problem. Unfortunately, it is most of the phones I have in stock that I have tested. This is seriously going to ruin me if I can't get it sorted out. I've tried updating the IMEI number on the boost website, but it didn't help. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this?
    12-19-09 12:53 PM
  3. es_bih's Avatar
    No offense, but you're the salesman... you should look something up before committing to it.
    12-22-09 01:03 AM