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    Hi all:
    I just got this thru e-bay and have a few problems that I need answers to. I hope that someone here can help me.

    I have a bluetooth dongle for my computer that I use to connect it to my razor.
    If I enable BT (Bluetooth) in my 7290, both the computer and the phone can see each other, they even exchange keys, BUT!!!!! they do not exchange files!
    I am trying to BT a picture, a ringtone (mp3) and some addresses, but when I click search for device they do not see each other, whether the one doing the search is the phone or the computer.

    I tried to transfer files thru USB...
    When I plug the USB cable, the computer finds the device but cannot install any drivers for it. In device manager it shows as an unknown device (with the question mark) but WITH THE PROPER NAME! (RIM device). What's more... the software manager cannot see the phone and I cannot upload nor download any files. I cannot do it thru Windoze either.

    My setups:

    BB: 7290 with 3.8 software (I think). I do not have any data packages active thru the carrier, just the regular phone service. (That shouldn't affect bluetooth... right?)

    Computer: Windoze XP SP2. I presently do not have the desktop manager installed (and would prefer not to). I would like to use the BB as a storage device (just like you would a camera or any other device for which you do not install the software).

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    You are going to have to install the desktop manager. This is the only way to make Windows see the device and you will be able to transfer files & stuff

    The Desktop Manager is pretty harmless and should not upset your PC as long as you tell it not to start with Windows.

    Run MSConfig before installation to check what's being loaded at startup and then again afterwards. If you are really brave you can look in ght Windows registry but I don't advise that unless you really know what you are doing.

    HKLM Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run

    is where most stuff gets put to run at login time.

    03-21-08 08:26 AM
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    Hi Pete
    Thanks for the info. I had installed the software manager and it didn't work. I tried in all the screen to see if I could find my device but no apples, nothing, nada.
    I can re-install if you want me to so I can tell you step by step what happens and what I see, but I have already gone down that road.
    Any other ideas?

    03-21-08 07:27 PM
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    Re your Bluetooth issue, I don't believe the 7290 supports the full Bluetooth implementation, only the headphone function. That's why you can't exchange files. The DTM should work fine with XP.

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    Welcome to CB.
    Good luck!
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    Bummer... I expected so, but was hopping someone would tell me otherwise.
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    Only the headphone Bluetooth function is implemented in the 7290. That's why you can't get file transfer to work.

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    The 7290 only has bluetooth headset capability. That's why you can't use it for bluetooth file transfer.

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    04-18-08 11:01 PM
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    I'm very sorry for the inadvertent repeated posts. I made a mistake using WAP.

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    Welcome to cb get a newer bb!

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    Hi and welcome.
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    Yes,The 7290 only has bluetooth headset capability.If you want to BT a picture, a ringtone (mp3) and some addresses,the only way is to updata your phone system to 4.2.xx ,just like the system of 8700.But I'am not sure it can works.
    04-20-08 08:16 AM