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    Yesterday, at a garage/estate sale here in SF, I bought a 7250. It seemed to be in good shape other than maybe a discharged battery, and I have always wanted a Blackberry. My plan was to use it instead of my current phone on my Verizon carrier.

    At home the battery did come back to life after recharging. But then another problem. I saw a lock symbol. Soon thereafter it asked for a password. I read that I could just wipe out the users info and start all over. That is ok with me.

    But after wiping out the info, I got the "507" message indicating no OS.

    I have tried to follow the instructions online but to no avail. I got as for as getting the manager s/w loded but it said that the "driver" s/w was not detected.

    The folks at Verizon were not able to find what I needed.

    Can anyone help?
    08-23-09 08:38 PM
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    You should be able to download the USB driver from the BlackBerry site, here: BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites
    That may be necessary if you are using the 7250 on a Windows XP machine. It should not be necessary if you are using Vista. If you are using XP and connected the 7250 to the PC before you installed Desktop Manager, XP will have installed its own driver instead of the one the 7250 needs.

    The 7250 was my first BlackBerry. It's a terrific device.
    08-23-09 08:50 PM
  3. mac2c's Avatar

    thanks for your speedy reply. I believe that we may be using XP at the office and will check. Is this "driver" the same as the hand held os that I heard was also needed?
    08-23-09 09:47 PM
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    No. You will also need the 7250 OS. You can download it from the link I gave you above, but it is a different file than the USB driver.

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    08-23-09 10:06 PM