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    I was trying to free up device memory on my Black Berry 8310 and found information in the search section on this site. Did most of the things suggested and was able to free up about 10mb.

    This morning I backed up the device and when I unplugged it all **** broke loose. I seem to be missing things like help, options, ring tones, it doesn't ring when called, all email accounts are missing, total melt down.

    I tried some of the things in here that has been suggested like resetting to factory settings but when doing so from the BB site it only did applications, followed KB18998.

    I would sincerely love to blame the device but being 60 I tend to believe it was yours truly. At this point I would love any suggestions anyone would have to get some of the things that have gone missing back. Oh yeah I did a restore from the BB desktop software but it didn't help.

    Thanks in advance.
    06-02-10 01:53 PM
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    Do you recall what you removed, and through which methods? Some things can be removed from the options/applications on the device, you can go more in-depth using desktop manager and a downloaded version of your OS. If you removed any OS level applications using the phone itself, you'll need to download install the Desktop Manager and the respective OS for your phone onto your computer, plug in, and choose "update applications". If you deleted service books, than will make many functions stop working, but those can be pushed back down to your phone by calling your carrier.
    06-02-10 02:19 PM
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    Thank you for the information, I didn't know if anyone would answer so I did a reinstall of the OS and everything came back with minimal loss. However I have 2 email accounts that I want to combine in the one message folder like it was and I have tried everything I found in here. I have set each to combined and I still have 3 seperate icons and the same shows up in two of them, plus the envelope indicator does not show up, just a star over each seperate icon. So if you don't have anything to do and are bored let me know a fix if you don't mind.
    kind regards,
    06-02-10 07:18 PM
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    Perfectly normal. One is the "messages" folder that has all your emails in. The other folders are for each individual account. Berry menu -> hide the individial account icons.

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    06-02-10 08:10 PM