1. LaurenJ94's Avatar
    I've been trying to download LiveProfile to my Curve 8520, I've gone on the download from my browser like you're supposed to and gone on the link to download it, but everytime I try to download it, it fails. I don't know if it's because LiveProfile is not yet available on my model or because I haven't got the correct settings. Has anyone else experienced this problem and would be able to help?

    Thanks in advance!
    04-24-11 07:53 AM
  2. Apocalypso's Avatar
    Hmm...out of curiosity, what kind of data plan do you have? Are you normally able to surf the web on your phone?

    The reason why I'm asking this is because people with social media type data plans are typically limited to using social media apps only and therefore are unable to surf since surfing the net wouldn't be covered by that plan type. That may explain why you're unable to download it. Your phone model is not factor.

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    05-04-11 12:51 AM