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    JVM Error 544 blackberry 6280, Has arisen after upgrade attempt rom with 3,8 to 4,2
    02-08-09 03:38 AM
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    спасибо , нашел!!!

    Well, typically you should just try to start the Handheld software installation again, that is of course if Desktop Manager will recognize the device. When we troubleshoot this problem what we always have customers do is the following:
    1: Open desktop manager WITHOUT THE BB PLUGGED IN.
    2: Double Click Application Loader
    3: Keep hitting Next until you get to the Communication Port Selection Screen THEN PLUG THE BB IN and COM1 should automatically change to USB. Then the desktop manager should start searching for the Blackberry. If it does detect the Blackberry you are in luck, if not Service and Repair.
    4: If it does detect, click next and then click the advanced button and choose to remove ALL APPS, Radio software, etc, and DO NOT DO A BACKUP OF THE INFORMATION as this will reinstall the JVM error. The just click finish and let it reinstall the new software.
    Good luck
    02-08-09 04:43 AM