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    Hey guys, CB forum virgin here... first of all wanted to thank everyone retroactively for the craploads of useful info I've already taken from here.

    My situation...

    - I'm using a Blackberry 7510 with a Boost Mobile starter kit. I have technically had NO trouble with receiving SMS, which was one of my major concerns when researching this option. (I'm assuming all the threads about the Boost SMS "workarounds" are referring to outgoing TXT?) But I digress...

    - I have a few of my personal e-mail accounts filtered, forwarded to a hotmail account, and then have MSN mobile "alerts" for said account turned on.

    - I also have an Outlook filter set up to forward work e-mails to my Blackberry so long as my address (not a distribution list) is in the "To:" field and the mail isn't coming from one of my company's automated systems.

    And my problems...

    1. When MSN "alerts" come in, all I get is the sender and subject. If this is simply the way MSN alerts work, I can accept that... it's just that I've seen threads where people seem to be using the alert feature as an option for actually recieving full e-mails as SMS on Boost Blackberries. Thus I'm confused as to whether I might have set something up wrong.

    2. When my work e-mails come in, they cut off somewhere around the sender field, depending on subject length. I never get ANY of the actual message body. I haven't counted out by hand, but it looks like maybe 100 characters including spaces?

    The second part is especially troublesome because if I'm out on lunch and my boss or a client sends me an e-mail with an ambiguous subject line, I have no clue whether I need to rush back to my dead-end job or just finish my professional business lunch of cheap Canadian whiskey and beef jerky.

    So my actual questions...

    1. Is there any way to get text messages over 100 chars on a Boost/Nextel 7510?

    2. Failing that... when forwarding to a phone from Outlook, is there a way to filter out certain records in the e-mail header? (i.e., so I would only see the sender and then the first 90 or so characters of the message body.) One of the Outlook template "rules" is "Send to a Mobile Phone" but then it just asks you to put in the e-mail address of your phone's SMS... You'd think if they were going to bother with a "forward to mobile phone" option, it would be a little more intuitive...

    3. Less importantly... is there a setting I missed in MSN Live Mobile setup where I can get full messages instead of just sender/subject?

    I've gone through basically every option on the 7510 and haven't found anything relevant... so I realize that these are probably MSN, Outlook, and Nextel network questions moreso than actual Blackberry questions, and do apologize if that makes this whole post borderline inappropriate for the forum...

    Lastly, I am comfortable editing XML(alx) if there is some sort of parameter I could change in a loader file to fix this.
    04-16-09 11:24 PM
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    hey how did you got the text and e-mail set up in your 7510 for boost?
    i bought it but i havent been able to do it
    09-20-09 11:21 AM