1. amateur101's Avatar
    My dad got an "unlocked BB" from a friend of his b/c he lives in Panama and needs to use it in the states and abroad. He has somehow locked himself out of the keypad. He has tried several times to unlock it, using multiple combinations of the usual codes. he only has two more attempts. What can I tell him to do?? oh yeah, and the only description of the phone I can get from him is: "it says RIM on the back"....great! thanks dad! .... I would assume it is an older model, but I'm not sure how old
    04-05-10 02:55 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    There's no way around the password, period. That's why it's there. The device will wipe itself to factory settings after too many tries, Hopefully he has a back up.
    04-05-10 03:00 PM