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    A few years back I bought a BB 7250 and I have a lot of addresses and Info on it that is very important to me. About a year ago I upraded to the BB 8330 and only put the adresses that I use all the time into my new device. well I needed to look up a number from my old 7250 and I honestly just can not remember the password, I am on the very last attemp and if I dont do something or get it right I will loose all my very valuable data. 1. I know I should of backed it up and though I have been going through Marridle problems and blew it off and never got to it and secondly I Did not find nor steal it and I can prove it by taking a picture of the orginal box with ESN and Pin #'s... WHAT GETS ME IS THAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN JUST FINE USING MY REGULAR PASSWORDS BUT AT THAT TIME I SET A PASSWORD TO SOMETHING DIFFERANT BECAUSE I DIDN'T TRUST MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER..Like I said Marridle Problems...I called Verizon but they had no advice for me can someone please help me out...
    Thank you
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