1. Jason-Do's Avatar
    I have just gotten a slight
    ly used 8310 that is supposedly unlocked. Not sure about that since its on t-mobile service, and its an at&t phone. (thought they were the same now) Anyhow, I cannot get any app that I have downloaded to my phone to work so far other than a facebook "app" that basically just takes me directly to the login screen. Also, I cannot set up bb messenger.
    I admit that I am technically handicapped, but its hard to be knowledgeable when you live in the country and cant even get a good dial-up connection.
    What can I do? I really dont know where to start.

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    05-13-11 10:52 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    1. TMobile and AT&T are not "the same now". AT&T has proposed to purchase TMobile, but it will be a long time before that happens.

    2. Do you have a BLACKBERRY Data Plan from your current phone service carrier? You won't be able to download apps or use BlackBerry Messenger or any other BlackBerry Data features without the proper data plan.
    05-13-11 05:26 PM