1. caileen123's Avatar
    I've only had my phone for a week or so and I've already nuked it! Oops!
    I fixed it after alot of screwing around and a lil help from my friends. BUT the OS I found didn't upload a browser or the app that let me sync my email addresses so I would get emails texted to me!!
    I downloaded Opera, carefully, lol, but cannot figure out what to do about the email thing.
    I LOVED getting email in my message inbox and don't want to have to use the browser to read them. I can't even remember what the icon that let me sync it was called.
    I do have the enterprise icon but I'm trying to sync my personal email accounts...
    It's a verizon phone, but reachoutwireless is the provider. Both companies told me they couldn't help me... good times!
    The new OS I installed was from the Blackberry site.
    I also downloaded one from verizons site but it didn't help.
    I'd be willing to wipe it clean just to be able to sync my email again. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    05-01-10 03:04 AM