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    First, I want to thank everyone that reads this and helps me. It will be very appreciated, as I am a total newbie at this.

    My cellphone recently broke, and I needed quickly a new cell phone. So my buddy gave me a 7250 Blackberry he did not use anymore.

    I only want to use the Blackberry as a cell phone and text message. No email, no fancy features for a CEO.

    However, I would like to synchronize my data from Outlook 2000 to the Blackberry.

    Also, I would like to get help on a few issues.

    1- The screen is very dark. I have a hard time seeing on it, and I find it very frustrating to press the power button for backlighting all the time. I went into Options > Screen & keyboard, but there is no option to change the contrast of the screen.

    a) If you know how to change the contrast of the screen, that would help a lot.

    b) Is there a way that the backlighting can go on instantly as I press any button ? For example, when it is on standby mode, and i simply turn the trackwheel or press the phone button, the backlighting could go on, to allow better vision, especially at night

    2- When I got the Blackberry, there was a password on it. So I changed it to a new password. However, I find it very frustrating to have to type a password everytime I want to use the device. I went to Options > security, and when I click the trackwheel on the Password [Enabled] feature, there is no [Change option], which would mean that it is impossible to disable the password.

    Do you know how I could disable the password in order to be able to use the device right away when I pick it up. I do not intent to load sensitive information on the device, so I dont need the protection

    3- Right now, I am using an old Palm as a PDA. I would now like to use the Blackberry to synchronize Tasks, Memos, Calendar and contacts from Outlook 2000. I have tried using the Destop manager to synchronize using Outlook 2000, I have followed all the steps, configured it the right way, but when I press Synchronize now (making sure that the organizer data box is checked), nothing happens.

    Could the cause be a conflict with the Palm ? Do you know what I am doing wrong ?

    4- Upon seeing those situations, I found myself contemplating the "Wipe handheld" option, and just start over.

    What does that option imply. Does that mean I can not use the device at all anymore. Do I need to take it back to Customer support. What do I lose, what do I keep. Do I need to get it activated with my carrier (Bell Mobility, Canda) again ?

    Thank you very much again and in advance for your time !
    12-06-07 12:07 AM
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    I've had my 7250 for quite a while, and the screen is way too dark for my aging eyes. I use the backlighting quite often and have never found a way to improve the screen contrast...what I did to help my reading was set the Font Family to BBCapitals and the font size to 12 and the style to Bold. Print on the screen is much easier to see.

    I can't understand why your BB doesn't have a password change option, mine came with the password setting on "disabled" and I have never changed it...but it does give me a "change option" setting.

    Good luck !!
    12-06-07 06:23 PM
  3. narcisse's Avatar
    I resolved my backlighting problem with an application called BBlight.

    As soon as I pickup my device, the backlighting lights up. great !

    For the password thingie, it was an IT policy problem. I followed a guide found on another forum to remove the IT policy and now everything is fine

    I still have problems with issue 3 though
    12-10-07 04:49 PM