1. nrmoz's Avatar
    I've updated my 7290 for a Curve and now a friend wants the old unit.

    My problem is while I've been able to delete all messages, tasks, memos, address book items etc - I can't figure out how to delte the email addresses now the SIM card is tranferred to the new unit - and has the very same addresses I want to keep...

    Anyone any ideas that allow me to do this without deleteing the whole data set on the 7290 and starting again?
    06-13-08 08:59 PM
  2. PvT's Avatar
    How to reset a BB 7290 back to the factory settings?

    I think it went something like this. I've done this for some of our work units when we have staff changes:

    go to options, security, general settings, menu, scroll down to and select services and select wipe handheld.

    For me it asked to enter "Blackberry" as the password. Though I have read on another forum that if you enter a wrong password 10 times it will wipe itself...
    08-04-08 01:49 AM