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    Hello Forum ! Let's get it started:

    I have a BB7290 , and I tried to revive it but every time I get in the AppLoader and the phone was connected , there was no " OS " to select and install , all the fields where empty. I had installed " 7290-v4.0.0.219_P1.8.0.129 ( Orange Romania ) " -on the PC ; but it did not appeared in the list . Now I also had installed " 7290-v3.8.0.139_P1.8.0.99 ( Don't know the Operator ) -on the PC .

    The problem is that now when I Connect the BB with the PC trough USB my BB says: Error 507 ( and that dumbass icon ) and the red light switches on but there is no connection to the PC , i can not connect it to the PC ... I really need this phone and I really need help .

    Please be quick !

    P.S. I changed USB Ports .
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    02-12-12 03:27 AM
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    I managed to reflash the BB . Trough AppLoader and then update it trough BB Desktop App .
    The Desktop App is waiting for the connection with the device right after I installed the OS but my bb keeps reconnecting , and don't wants to start up ...
    02-12-12 06:32 AM
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    Buy a new phone.
    02-12-12 08:36 AM
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    What version of BB DeskTop Mgr are you running?
    02-12-12 09:36 AM
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    6.0.xx ( latest available ) .
    02-12-12 01:18 PM