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    I recently had to get rid of my 8310 after dropping my brand new 8520 in the lake. When I had the 8310 I didn't have a data plan on it because AT&T didn't force me to have one back then. When I upgraded to the 8520, I somehow got away with not having it again. After I had lost my 8520 and went back to my 8310, AT&T instantly put the data plan on my bill.

    So I was wondering, if I got a 7290 or older blackberry, would I still be forced into a data plan? [I don't pay for my service, my parent's shop does, and the shop cannot justify having a data plan on the bill.]

    Thanks. (:

    04-25-10 07:05 PM
  2. berryaddictnoza's Avatar
    That would be a question for AT&T customer service, but my guess would be because you're adding a new (for the current plan) phone, you would be forced into a data plan. If you can do it and want a 7290, I'll sell you mine when I get my new Bold 9650.
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    05-01-10 04:21 AM
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    i would be interested to know if it would cost you the same as a newer bberry (data plan wise).
    05-03-10 03:56 PM