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    Absolute Blackberry newbie. I was given a Curve 8520. The documentation and the phone differ in that the Email Setup Wizard shown in the documentation is not present in the Setup Wizards group in Options. I've scoured the forums here but am very confused. The phone is unlocked and currently working on the Telmex (Mexico) network. It's on a pay-as-you-go plan. I've got pay-as-you-go SIMS for Vodaphone UK and T-Mobile US, but I really need to get my Mexican email working. BTW, I can access my email accounts via web mail with no problem.

    Am I to assume that without a data plan, there is no email setup and were I to contract for a plan it (the wizard) would magically appear? My other phone, a Nokia E5 is on the same plan and network yet I have functioning email.

    Thanks in advance for any help. The setup and info density on these Blackberrys are very dense.
    07-24-11 07:52 AM