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    Having handled hundreds of 5820 devices over the years, this is the first time I come across a QWERTZ 5820. My supplier said "that one is faulty, has the keyboard printed wrong". But that is not the case, as in central Europe Blackberry devices have a QWERTZ layout instead of the usual QWERTY. The reason behind it is the more common use of Z in the German language over the Y. The same goes with AZERTY keyboard layouts used in France.

    Sadly, when typing on this device, the regular QWERTY result is shown. I cant find any language packs for this model and the pre-install one is English only. The PIN and IMEI from the label matches the one in the software. It is possible that the OS was updated in the past to English and the regular QWERTY layout took over.

    Does anyone know any OS for the 5820 in German? All I have is the latest OS 3.6 release in English.
    The curious QWERTZ 5820-img_20190309_1405209.jpg
    The curious QWERTZ 5820-img_20190309_1405405.jpg
    The curious QWERTZ 5820-img_20190309_1406010.jpg
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