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    Hi. I'm new here. My BB is old (7250) and it was given to me without a manual.
    I did try to research this question first by downloading a manual, but oddly enough I couldn't find the answer to my question in there.

    Q: When I power off the BB and plug in the wall charger, should I see some sort of status light letting me know that it's charging? Or does a light only come on when the battery has charged?

    I'm sure I'll have other noob questions soon...

    Thanks for your help!
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    I thought I'd add my own answer seeing as I managed to work through this problem.
    What threw me off is I had a brand new charger that wasn't functioning properly, so I never considered it as a potential issue.

    Moral to story: Don't assume anything.

    To answer my own question with regard to a charging status light for a 7250... there isn't. At least not the same LED that flashes when you have a message. This was another assumption on my part. The LED is not a low battery, or charging indicator.

    If the phone is off/or battery fully drained: Once you connect a charger to the phone your screen will display an icon of a battery with a lightening bolt. Eventually the battery will charge enough that it will turn the screen on and display your menu. Use of the phone is still off at this point. You will have to 'turn radio on' from your menu to use the phone to make and receive calls.

    If the phone is plugged in to the charger while the phone is on (battery refresh): your phone will function as normal while it recharges. A small lightening bolt will show next to the battery level indicator.

    A note about new batteries: To prolong life of a new battery, it is a good habit to allow it to fully drain, followed by a full charge at least 3 times. After that process you can plug the charger in any time for a quick refresh of the battery.
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