1. DarkChowder's Avatar
    So I wiped my 7290 with the JL-Cmder.
    When I wipe it the screen changes to a blackberry to pc icon, nothing wrong with that part.

    When I use the BlackBerry Desktop to try and update it, then click repair, when it gets to the boot loader part, the blackberry disconnects then reconnects, and the Blackberry desktop program has an error, that says Application loader unable to connect. The loader in the app loader folder, also has this error.
    09-12-12 01:59 PM
  2. DarkChowder's Avatar
    Also the pc to blackberry icon does not show up, the screen goes blank for the blackberry desktop, and app loader
    09-12-12 02:02 PM
  3. f0xx386's Avatar
    Remove your battery, connect the blackberry to your pc via usb.

    Open Desktop manager it may say unable to connect to device, view os updates and click on install update....when the process starts replace your battery.
    09-12-12 03:23 PM