1. pokerface251's Avatar
    I have a BB 7520, I need to know what desktop manager to use and what version. What oprea mini will work best for the 7520. What exact service book I will need. I really need good instructions from start to finish. I bought the 7520 thinking maybe I could use it for texting my son who is at college and little did I know, but I can not text anyone with this phone until I found this site. Please anyone, I am pretty good with the computer and I can follow instructions too. The phone is working great with my Boost sim in it, But that is all I have is a phone and direct connect. The programs that are in my phone are (Enterprise Activation, Blackberry Messenger, Map Quest Find Me, TeleNav 4.4) and none of these do nothing.

    08-13-09 01:00 PM
  2. fab777's Avatar
    I battled with this same problem for over a year, but the good news it that I just got it to work a week ago. I feel so relieved I found this. Ok first you got to howardforums.com and then you register to become a memeber. Then in the search box copy and paste the following 'BoostBerry How-To...everything you need to get the native browser and MMS working' without the quotation marks of course. It will take you step by step and gived you all the links you need to get this done. Just be patient, you might need to try it a few times to get it right. Good luck!
    09-25-09 01:52 PM