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    I already have a orange phone which I use as a modem 1 a day when I want it), I bought a T Mobile PAYG Sim last week so I could take advantage of the cheaper 5 day 2.50 Web and walk (Great for holidays).

    I was going to unlock my orange phone to accept both sims, however I decided to buy a second hand 7290 instead, as unlocking my other phone + the inconvenience of swapping Sim cards was 10, the 7290 was 30.

    However I didn't do my homework and it looks unlikely I can use the Blackberry for internet as I can't get the settings from the T Mobile home page I've tried installing opera mini browser but it doesn't work , I have changed all the settings I can to 'Allow', I think )

    The 7290 functions as a phone OK

    Any thoughts that can help me or do I cut my losses?

    If it is possible an idiots guide or link would be very welcome


    04-19-08 03:28 AM
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    Orange offer blackberry internet service on pay and go and are currently offering as 6 month trial and 5 thereafter.all you have to do is get a new sim pop it in your 7290 and call up orange to activate bis,as I'm writing this on my 7290 using orange bis. For tmobile don't know what they offer,but orange sweeten it all by giving it FREE. Hope this helps

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    08-07-09 04:38 AM