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    I have a Blackberry 7290. The current OS installed on it is v4.0.0.198 (Platform I was wondering whether there is a newer OS that would be compatible with my blackberry. When I go onto the blackberry site on the download section it my device isn't on the list so I click on the Device Software 2.7a which is the most recent one and I install it on my computer but it makes no difference; there is also a Device Software 2.6 which I haven't tried yet.

    If there is a compatible version that is newer could you tell me how to get it and what I should do to upgrade my Blackberry.

    Thanks in advance.

    NB: I do not have Internet connection on my blackberry but the Desktop manager detects my blackberry fine.
    07-25-08 06:02 AM
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    I have (platform If your on orange UK that looks like the newest version for that phone. Atleast thats what the blackberry site shows. Did you click on device and desktop link on that page or the "access your service provider " link? This is where you need go. BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites
    Although I think you have the latest for your phone.
    07-26-08 08:15 AM
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    I miss my 7290 sometimes, that thing was a workhorse.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-26-08 08:27 AM
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    Yea I love mine. I use while I'm at work and use a curve after hours. But my work phone is a 7520.
    07-26-08 10:44 AM
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    Thanks for reply rlp32 and thanks for link also. I'm checking it out now. Found a download for 4.1. Fingers crossed. =)
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    08-03-08 10:51 AM
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    No problem let us know if you need help.
    08-03-08 11:10 AM
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    Ok. Thanks. I'll edit this post in a minute after i've tried.

    Edit// Woohoo its detecting a upgrade. And its got a load of upgrades to select. Thanks for all your help and btw great response time. =D

    PS: Is there a thanks system in these forums or something similar?
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    08-03-08 11:27 AM
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    A simple thank you will do..lol. Oh...welcome to crackberry by the way!
    08-03-08 12:06 PM
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    Thanks. And Thanks to you personally again!
    08-04-08 05:50 AM
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    Your welcome...thats what we are all here for, we all help each other. Have fun with your new beery and hope to see you here longterm.
    08-04-08 07:21 PM
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    Cool deal. I've been trying to help my girlfriend with stuff for her Blackberry. She didn't know if she really wanted one or not so she got a Blue 7290. She seems to like it well enough.
    09-12-08 08:53 AM
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    HI all,
    I am new to this forum but i am really looking to update my BB handset OS (7290) ...
    current version is
    Blackberry messenger is not working .. yahoo, gtalk and windows live messenger is not working...

    Please help help help !!!!
    08-10-11 08:36 AM
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    This seems helpful enough for this old school set I am working on... Gotta upgrade it to Hope it works better now.
    07-31-12 12:26 PM