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    Okay, I recieved my first Blackberry today, a used 7290 off eBay. It's okay. Well my cheap-o mom wont get the data plan, which means no Internet/Email for me. I had to search everywhere on the net just to get AIM, because IMs are included with our messaging plan.. But okay thats not my problem.

    When I got the phone, I updated the firmware. When I try to go to Media Manager to add ringtones, pics, etc..., it won't let me. It sais that I'm connected in the Desktop Manager, but not in the Media Manager, so I am without a ringtone, or wallpaper. Can you help me solve this problem, or can you try to send this:

    to my phone. # is in sig, not trying to be a creep, but I NEED that wallpaper. It is my wallpaper to everything: Laptop,Computer,Zune,Xbox 360,. PLEASE!!!!!

    Thank You!
    07-02-08 09:33 PM