1. jessedekers's Avatar
    Dear Crackberry members,

    I have issues with my BlackBerry 7290, wich i use because my BB Curve died.
    The problem is, i took my T-Mobile SIM, and put it in my 7290. Then i e-mailed Vodafone to unlock the blackberry. Now i have GPRS and it does connect, but it wont view websites and wont send e-mails because then it says i dont have the right message service.

    Another issue i have is that i only have Enterprise Messenger, but i want BlackBerry messenger.

    Thanks in advance, Jesse Dekkers.
    12-06-11 02:12 PM
  2. crumbonthefloor's Avatar
    If the device was connected to BES account, it may have IT policies restricting it. These have to be deleted so you can use your device normally

    Remove IT Policy - BlackBerry Forums Support Community
    "it Policy" - How Do I Clear It Out?
    06-07-12 01:17 PM