1. lalande21185's Avatar

    I am new posting to this forum but been reading on and off for years.

    I have had a BB for about 3 years. Got my first one off ebay which was an 8820 and a very good phone in itself.
    I have a 9780 at the moment on contract from O2 in the UK.

    But regarding the 7290. I have just bought a brand new 7290 from ebay for 19, was so nice to see one brand new in all its protective packaging...............sounds sad I know but I loved that moment when I received it and opened it. I will let you know if I manage to get it unlocked. I have used freemyblackberry to unlock my 9780 which is great.
    also bought a bold 9000 of ebay............I like the big keyboard.

    I know quite a boring first post but hey ......!!
    11-10-12 04:34 AM
  2. Ben1232's Avatar
    Welcome to Posting on CB,

    That's not sad. I would like both of those Blackberry's. Amazing that you found a new 7290 !!!
    11-10-12 04:41 AM
  3. lalande21185's Avatar
    Hi all

    Just used freemyblackberry.com to unlock my 7290, no problems at all.

    Phone been sitting in a draw for months now got it out to unlock (was so nice to feel that keyboard) and will probably sit for however long.

    I have an android device now, HTC Evo and just got a Galaxy Note 2. Was not sure about the Z10 or Q10 to be honest. I do like blackberrys though and if still around in a year when upgrade i will change.

    I like having the 7290 as a backup payg phone. just a shame I need to topup however much for internet or bbm as will never get to use it as never topup that much every month.

    05-17-13 10:02 AM
  4. eldricho's Avatar
    just got my hands on one and was wondering if anyone knows how resolve the "eeiieeEErrrr 66" error? Thanks in advance
    05-24-13 11:03 PM
  5. widderschynnes's Avatar
    I bought a 7290 off eBay in August for AUD$5, after my employer took away our BBs and gave us iClones. My 7290 was unlocked, but with a Vodafone branding and theme. It doesn't have an internet browser or BBM. The software is v4.1.0.375. I would be interested to know what version your 7290 is running, even though my present SIM is from a budget carrier who doesn't offer BIS and my wife is giving me a Q10 for xmas in two weeks' time.
    12-10-13 07:54 AM
  6. widderschynnes's Avatar
    Sorry to read about your bricked 7290, eldricho. I'm guessing you're seeing that error, when you are using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. I hope you can resolve it. I have found my 7290 to be a good device. It's a little slow by today's standards, but the operating system is very intuitive and charming, especially for PIM. I am guessing that lalande21185 meant PIN messaging instead of 'bbm'. There is no Browser icon in either the Default or the Vodafone themes on my 7290. But, I noticed in the Vodafone theme in the Advanced Options, there are options for Browser Push and reference to a default Browser configuration. My wife isn't happy with our budget carrier, and so I may end up back on Vodafone Australia and could then get BIS for my 7290, which would give me PIN messaging, maps, email not hitherto enjoyed with my current carrier who don't offer BB data. I would be interested to know if anyone is still using a 7290 for web browsing?
    12-30-13 05:40 AM
  7. governorchies's Avatar
    just got a blackberry 7290 turning up with "battery drained shutting down " just need your help if anyone KNOWS WHAT I NEED TO DO IIS A PHONE I HAVE SOUGHT A LONGTIME
    01-10-14 05:46 AM
  8. widderschynnes's Avatar
    Not sure about your battery problem, but it might not be charging properly. I don't have a wall charger for my 7290. I find the car charger is quicker than charging off a PC. You might need BB Desktop Software (driver) to charge your 7290.

    I guess that it could also be time for a new battery. My 7290 wasn't lasting a weekend (42hrs), so I recently put an after-market battery in it. Now it lasts 78 to 84 hours, before it turns the GSM radio off.

    Sent from my iPhone using CB Forums mobile app
    02-23-14 06:09 PM
  9. widderschynnes's Avatar
    Finally got a BIS account for my 7290, and the Browser icon appeared 'magically' along with plenty of carrier crapware. Browsing with the scrollwheel is slow, but works alright and is fun in a retro kind of way. No BBM app, but it is nice to finally have PIN messaging and email working on my 7290, after months of limiting the device only to phone calls, SMS,PIM and Brickbreaker.

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-14 09:49 AM

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