1. summerfuzzies's Avatar
    Ok so my brother bought an older modle blackberry its one of those blackberry 6230's and he didnt like it so he gave it to me since my phone craped out on me and now im in need of some major help .. this blackberry gets NO reception at all and i dont know what to do about that .. plus i cant seem to figure out how to text or even change my ringer on it or anything it didnt come w/ a manual or anything so im really lost as to what i am to do with it .. right now it makes a better paper weight or baby toy for my 8 month old .. but i need this phone on working terms since i wont be able to upgrade my other phone till October ... anyways PLEASE help thank you
    08-25-08 01:15 AM
  2. kennethmurrell's Avatar
    thats such and old phone... i would just be glad that it makes a good paperweight!
    09-13-08 11:36 PM
  3. milkbrain's Avatar
    well.. the scroll wheel should also be a button, similar to "enter" you could try going to the blackberry website and see if you can update your software.
    10-05-08 10:21 AM