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    Another one from the box donated from MrEvets (check my 9000 prototype thread here: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb.../#post13371683 ). This one is a prototype RIM 6225, what would later become the iconic Quark model. The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2138243.jpg

    In 2002 RIM had a lot of devices in the pipeline. The company was extending fast. In March the 5810 was release to great success and the 6710 was to be released later, in October. But they were now focusing on a smaller,more compact device. On the 15th of June RIM sent the first schematics and photos of the 6510 to the FCC. That prototype looked like this: The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-6510-prototype.jpg
    It looked a lot like the 5810 but had a smaller, rounder design. When the 6510 was released in December the final designed was a bit different. The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2200326.jpg
    Since the 6510 used only iDen technology, RIM was building two similar GSM devices, the 6225 and the 6220. They were supposed to come out together, the 6225 operating on 900/1900 Mhz and the 6220 on 900/1800 Mhz. If you check the FCC documents, there is a lot of information there regarding the development process. From what I gather, RIM sent them radiation results from tests done on the 6225 radio and were a bit over the limit. This caused delays. The device was supposed to be released at the end of 2002 but RIM requested a delay until the 31 of December. Later on they requested another delay until 14 March 2003. FCC requested confirmation from RIM that this was a device that will be held to the face, probably because of the radiation concerns. After RIM confirmed this, the FCC demanded that the end-user be informed of this radiation and that the device must be held in the belt clip. If you read the manual, this did end up there. I wonder if that is why the 5810 did not have an earpiece, maybe the radiation levels were too big and using the headset was the only way to pass it.
    In the end, the 6225 was never released. But, the 6210 carries the same frequencies as the 6225 was supposed to have so maybe that's what became of this project. The 6210 was released in June 2003.
    Now back to this device. Notice the extra cuts at the earpiece The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2139051.jpg
    I believe that the 6510 housing was used in this prototype. Observe in the 6510 photo above the same cuts when that device was in development. Those were scraped later but somehow ended up on the 6220 prototype as well. More on that later. I will compare the 6225 with the official release of the 6220. The prototype will always be the one on the left.
    On the back of the device notice the logo has a rougher finish The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2138560.jpg
    The production date shows 19 July 2002. Product code R6220GW. The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2139219.jpg
    Moving on inside the device, the antenna of the prototype is of copper sheet, the official release having a solid metal plate The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2021281.jpg Slightly different design of the antenna assembly The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2022268.jpg
    I thought the chirping might be at the front aligned with those extra curs, but both are at the back. The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2024028.jpg
    As you can see inside the case, there is a separate isolated cut there, probably for the 6510 loudspeaker in the prototype. In the 6225 it serves no purpose. The LCD assembly had a cut in that spot but there is nothing behind it and no connectors on the PCB The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2027272.jpgThe BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2029123.jpg
    The LCD has glossy finish. The official release had a matte finish for better visibility. There are noticeble differences in the PCB. The prototype had 8MB memory, the official release had 16MB

    Sadly, as in the case of the Bold 9000, the device has no software on it and will not accept the official 6200 series OS. Tried various versions, same error: "This system software is not designed for the connected device [A:0x00000043]"
    In the manual it says that the version the devices comes with is but since this was a factory OS and was never released to the public, I could not find it. The device only gives 2 short LED flashes then a longer pause, the repeats the flashes. MFI Multiloader gets stuck at Uploading RAM.
    If anyone has any more info about this device, please share!

    I made a video about this device, but it's mostly what I just said here.

    Here is the FCC page, lots of information about this device. https://fccid.io/L6AR6220GW
    Attached Thumbnails The BlackBerry 6225, a never released prototype. A closer look.-img_20190403_2029491.jpg  
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    Another great history lesson and forensic adventure! Keep'm coming
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    Takes me back....... Glory days
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