1. lyoness56's Avatar
    I am just confused. A friend of mine had her BB stolen. She blocked her phone through the cell phone Co. so all her info could not be acccessed by the thieves. A week later she gets a new BB phone and she was able to keep her old BB Pin. As far as I know this can not be done since each BB phone comes with its unchangeable PIN from the manufacturer. I asked her how did she managed to keep her old BB Pin and she told me that she had a backup. She lives in another country so I could not get into too much detail but what is a fact is that she has her same BB Pin using a new BB cel phone and thats the one we are using to keep in touch through BBM ...............I would love to be able to keep the same BB PIN I have now and transfer it to a new BB phone I am planning to get.......anyone could explain this to me!
    04-13-13 12:04 PM
  2. jesse_h's Avatar
    You can't move a pin from device to device, your friend is confused or misinformed. She probably had to BB-ID on her stolen BB so was able to easily transfer her BBM contacts. When she entered her BBID on her new BB it automatically moves her BBM contacts over without the need for the other person to accept the invitation.
    04-13-13 12:16 PM

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