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    Hi There,

    Can someone please assist with the following issue I'm experiencing with my Blackberry 7290. Although an older model I'd like to use this perfectly functioning devise for my wife who's on a pre-paid plan, therefore not used for email and/or internet. However I'd like to take advantage of the devises sync features which allows it to sync (via USB cable) to the computer, through to my wife's yahoo online account for contacts and calendar usage.

    I recently installed the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager (5.0.1 B49 Multilanguage) and have it working, however it seems to only sync the contacts (not well at all) and does not sync the calendar at all. Could this be the version of the Desktop Manager I'm using?, should I be using some other online option (GMail, hotmail, etc) to get a better result.

    Hope that you can assist and look forward to your advise.
    01-10-10 07:02 PM