1. Kloweeey's Avatar
    Hello everyone
    I have a major problem with the battery of my Blackberry Curve 8520.
    A couple of weeks ago, I was charging my battery.
    My dog, who is extremely active, jumped on the sofa and accidently pulled out my usb-cable with his paw.
    When I looked at it, I saw that my usb port was pulled out as well.
    Because of this, I couldn't charge it anymore.
    Today, I bought an external battery charger , but when I tried to charge my baterry with it, it didn't work.
    Is there anyone who knows how I can fix this?
    Is it possible that my battery is broken because it was fully discharged for 2 weeks?
    06-06-13 09:25 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Sorry to hear Fido took you to being" incomunnicado" (sp?) If the external battery charger does not charge you battery removed form your phone, it's very likely that when the charging port was pulled out of the phone physically, something shorted directly to the battery and killed it. If it had a good/full charge you might have started a small battery self destruct. Is the battery pack in the slightest swollen, bulged, or smell kinda burnt?

    I would try another battery and very carefully try it in your now hobbled phone, keeping it pointed away from your face or loved ones, and if there is a short elsewhere in the phone, it can/may cause the battery to exercise it's right to occupy more physical space (read explosion, at the battery level).

    06-06-13 09:52 AM

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