1. spaine#CB's Avatar
    I'm having some problems with my battery cutting out when my phone is in vibrate. The screen goes blank, and the only way to reboot, is to remove the battery and reinsert it. This particular battery has done this in two separate 7520s. has anyone had a similar experience?
    02-26-08 01:58 PM
  2. miakeru's Avatar
    Are you sure it's the battery? You might want to take it in to a Sprint store and have them try another battery if they've got one lying around. The one in the display unit would work if they have one in there.

    Does this really only happen when the phone is in vibrate mode? If so, then I'd be really hard-pressed to believe it's an issue with the battery. The fact that you've tried it in different units and been able to reproduce it is really strange, though!

    Next step might be to get a replacement: BlackBerry 960mAh Standard Battery - ShopCrackBerry
    02-26-08 02:01 PM
  3. spaine#CB's Avatar
    No, it behaves the same on another 7520, so I am sure it is the battery. Got it from BBRepairshop, and they are not intersted in helping as it is over 90 days old. I thought the battery should do better. Thanks for the input.
    02-29-08 08:41 AM