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    Has anyone here been able to install and run any IM clients for there 7520 with OS 4.1 not including blackberry msg because im using this as a boostberry. Im looking for a free client.

    Ive tried palringo 3.6 and that will not install and they do not support it now.

    Also was able to load windows live msg and even got to the login but when it tried to communicate, it would fail. Then my BB device manager removed it without warning?

    AIM says im not using the right browser. While using the hot spot browser.

    Facebook app says it wont work with my phone.

    So in short, does anyone have any msg service running on there 7520 boostberry thats free? Thank you.
    03-19-10 12:50 AM
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    So after finding and reading this article, Can You Use a BlackBerry With a Generic Data Plan? and some more searching I found a couple IM clients that actually work on my blackberry 7520 4.1 OS while using a normal data plan, pay-as-you-go, with boost mobile.

    For an AIM substitute I found Ramble
    Ramble Wireless Instant Messaging

    For MSN and yahoo in one, I found IMHereLite...Although the download says eMSN, its what you want.
    eMSN (BlackBerry) download for Blackberry - Softpedia

    For you ICQ lovers out there, Blackchat also works.
    BlackChat | Get BlackChat at SourceForge.net

    For Gtalk from google, here is gotalkmobile - I downloaded and installed the classic version, as the rebel version gave me an error. You will also want to go to there wap site and download over-the-air from your blackberry.
    GoTalkMobile Download for BlackBerry phones - J2ME Google Talk Client

    I have tested all these and have successfully been able to log in on each one. I cant say they are better then some apps, but they are completely free and work with my blackberry 7520 on boost mobile. If I find better ones, I will post them.
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