1. CajunTechie's Avatar
    I just bought a BB 7290 from eBay and it works great! It's my first smartphone and I wanted to make sure I'd like BB before buying the curve when my T-Mobile contract is up next month. But I have two questions that are driving me nuts:

    1. How can I seperate text messages from emails on the 7290? I've read around the site and the GENERAL OPTIONS->SEPERATE EMAILS is not on the 7290. I've talked to other 7290 owners and they don't have this option either. Any ideas?

    2. Is there a way to choose what type of log information I want displayed in the phone application? Right now, it seems to be a mix of incoming, outgoinng, and missed calls. I just want outgoing calls listed there or maybe missed ones.

    Thanks in advance. I am loving the 7290 and can't wait to experience the Curve next month.

    06-07-08 05:24 PM