1. tabcourt's Avatar
    Is there a way to set the 7290 to beep or vibrate when a PIN message is received from a specific PIN message sender?
    12-31-07 09:56 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    Unfortunately, this isn't possible. You can set a different notification for Level 1 messages and then set PIN's to be level 1 messages to differentiate from other messages. But you can't differentiate from different contacts.
    01-01-08 02:05 AM
  3. tabcourt's Avatar
    If you would be so kind, can you tell me how I can do that?
    01-01-08 10:06 AM
  4. John Clark's Avatar
    Go to Messages. Then hit the menu key and go to Options. Then go to General Options. Scroll down to "Set Pin Messages to Level 1" and select Yes.

    Then go into your profiles >advanced (edit your profiles) and set Level 1 Messages to the notification of your choice.
    01-01-08 12:24 PM
  5. tabcourt's Avatar
    Thanks so much!
    01-01-08 06:56 PM
  6. John Clark's Avatar
    You're welcome.
    01-01-08 08:17 PM