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    Alright, so this is my first thread and i need some major help. Me and my mom bought two 7290 at&t blackberries unlocked. I have t-mobile so when i put my sim card in i at first got the gprs no data connection notice on the top of the screen so i called t-mobile and got them to send my service books and all that. Also before i go any further i had to put a blank it policy on both blackberrys no problem :]. Anyways, so i registered the host routing table but i cant get the t-zones icon. I have the bb enabler thing on my t-mobile account me and my mom both but niether can send/recieve mms or get the t-zone icon. I have called customer support for t-mobile and nobody can figure it out talked to like 5 people and one of the highest bosses of the place who uses a blackberry with opera :]. Still to no avail i cant get t-zones can anyone help?

    P.S. i have updated to the highest os that i can find
    06-12-08 05:14 PM