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    sorry for yet another 7290 thread but this phone seems to be problematic..
    or there isnt enough clear instruction on how to use it.

    i have read all the online documentation,
    the documentation that came with the phone and the documentation on the phone.
    so heres my problem,

    I got a BB 7290 from ebay on vodafone,
    and i havent got anything setup like email yet.
    i have downloaded the desktop software 4.2 and the software on the device is 4.1 as it updated.
    but i cannot seem to transfer any files or anything,
    i am aware that the 7290 doesnt support polyphonic only midi,
    but i would want to put pictures on my phone or perhapse other games etc.

    but i cannot seem to do it.
    i can connect the phone to my PC via usb cable and bluetooth (i know the bluetooth is for headset only)

    and when i start up the roxio software for filetransfer it cannot see the phone,

    so i figured i was using the wrong version so i uninstalled the 4.2 desktop software and installed 4.1,
    that has no file transfer software only sync,
    yet that still leaves me with the problem of not being able to transfer anything.

    my old SPV c500 smartphone was alot better than this phone and that was alot older,
    but the c500 was smashed to peices sadly and the cheapest option at the time was the 7290.

    so can anyone help me i am ripping out my hair!

    just want to clarify one thing quick,
    i am looking for work at the moment so i rely on emails for possible jobs etc,
    what i want to be able to do is put my email on the device from my pc (outlook express 6) and then read my emails while im out.
    if thats not possible then i will look into other alternatives.
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