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    Been a blackberry 7250 user for 3 years now. The past 3 weeks noticed getting lot of calls not coming through. The callers tell me that the phone either keeps ringing and goes to voice mail or goes straight to voice mail.
    Talked to Bell Mobility and they say it is a phone issue and I should just buy a new phone. How conveninent for them ?

    What could be the possible causes for such dropped calls if not a network issue?

    Am I missing some software? The signal bars even with 3/5 on I get calls not coming through.

    At times I have to call my voicemail and only then I start getting the message indicator with the text messages queued up. Lot of times I dont even get the text messages.

    I dont have the Data package. The bell mobility person also said they noticed that blackberrys withouth a data plan may not work that great. I think that is a load of crap as I have had this phone for 3 years and for the most part without a data package.

    Any advise what I should do with this phone? I can make all outgoing calls without any issues

    02-17-08 03:38 PM
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    If push comes to shove you could buy an unlocked BlackBerry off eBay. Just make sure everything is backed up on your PC.

    You could also try calling RIM to see if you can send it into them.
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    02-19-08 01:31 AM