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    Hey all,

    So I recently found a few old 6230's. One of them shows no signs of life at all (using a known good battery and AC power) - I suppose that one is a total loss; unless anyone has any suggestions to resurrect it.

    However, the other (2) I found are both having errors that I think might be resolved by reloading the O/S's.

    The first one boots to an error of "JVM Error 105 - RESET". When the RESET choice is pushed the device reboots back to the same state.

    The second one boots to an error of 507 with an image of a window with icons in it and a circle with a line thru it (think ghostbusters symbol).

    As I previously mentioned, I feel perhaps reflashing the devices software might help .. but all searches for in on Rim's support site are fruitless. Does anyone know of another source for the software? I am also open to any other suggestions that might help.

    thanks in advance ..
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    Look for software called JLCommander. Download that and use it to wipe the device. The use desktop manager to reload the Blackberry software to the device. You can download the system software from Blackberrys website.
    04-22-09 03:43 PM