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    hey everyone,

    as everyone else, im really excited for the new bold 9900, and cant wait
    my carrier is O2 (here in germany), and the bold 9900 will be the first blackberry which supports 14,4mbps (ofc we wont reach 14,4mbps, but its still better than 7,2)

    so about 1-2 months ago, i called O2 and asked if they'll support 14,4mbps when the new bold 9900 comes out (they only support 7,2mbps at the moment)
    they assured me that 14,4mbps will be available then

    now i called them again, just to make sure..
    this time they told me that they have no plans whatsoever to do that

    now my question:
    what about the people in UK on O2 ? does O2 support 14,4mbps over there?
    if not, will you switch carriers ?? or will you stay with O2 ?

    of course i could switch to tmobile, but i actually really like my o2-contract..
    and every contract on tmobile would be a 24months agreement, but i plan on using the 9900 for about 1 year, till QNX devices will be out

    so its either o2 with my nice contract, still paying full price, only 7,2mbps or tmobile with a 24 year agreement..
    only problem: both completely unacceptable

    so i really dont know what to do now..
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    so disappointed and looking for a solution.. T_T
    06-27-11 10:06 PM
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    Almost exactly the same sad situation for me too Seij.
    I'm in the UK on O2, on a very long-standing and favourable rolling 3O-day contract with fully unlimited data (fair usage 3gb) and 1000mins for a very good price. I'm very loath to lose it.

    I'll be getting a sim-free unbranded 9900 within the first couple of weeks of release, and would LOVE to have superfast data.

    Can't help you with a solution I'm afraid, as I'm stuck in the same boat.

    I do know I'll definitely not be signing an 18/24 month contract though, as I don't tie myself to phones for long periods ever (I'm also waiting to see what QNX BBs can bring too).
    If somebody offers anything comparable to my current deal but on a speedy network then I may possibly switch....but failing that I'll stick with O2 (who I'm really very happy with) and jump all over their case about running 14mbps.

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