1. iHadLastBB's Avatar
    Nokia is back!


    Why it feels like Nokia will crush everyone with their new devices? + One more android competitor for Blackberry, still zero competition in BB10 area..
    05-18-16 01:23 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Very smart that Nokia licensed the name (HMD also had to license for MS), they aren't going to try to re-enter this crowded and profitless market on their own.

    We will see what happens, but no now isn't a time I'd want to be starting a new Android OEM... even with a once great brand like Nokia.
    05-18-16 01:34 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    Nokia was floundering before MS took over and MS didn't do much for them. I'm not sure why folks would get excited now, the Android space is really a 3 horse race and 2 of the horses don't count. It's Samsung, LG and HTC (yea yea Motorola, Moto WHO???) But really it's a Samsung world. It's Apple vs Samsung. lol
    05-18-16 02:15 PM
  4. parryberry's Avatar
    Finally! Maybe we can get some more information on the rumoured first device the C1. BB should have already had their mid range Androids out by now in anticipation of this. Should be interesting.
    05-18-16 06:05 PM
  5. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    Yet another Android OEM entering a saturated market, eh? What could possibly go wrong?

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    05-18-16 08:15 PM

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