05-20-14 12:06 AM
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    It was Thorsten Heins who famously predicted selling "millions" of Q10s. I don't think any company official has made such predictions subsequently.

    Chen has stated figures of "millions" in regards to how many the company has actually sold, or how many might be the least that he would consider would continue to make the smartphone business viable, but I do not think he has made any specific predictions on that front.

    He's a heck of a lot dumber than I thought if he has.
    Exactly omni, thor said "tens of millions" and it really bit him back in the ***.

    I read every article about chen I come across I dont remember him saying they sold millions of Z3s in indonesia, until I get a link this "millions" statement chen supposedly made is fictitious.

    BB10 - call blocking please, BBM - too many to list
    05-20-14 12:06 AM
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