05-25-15 05:47 PM
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  1. playpen007's Avatar
    Xiaomi is Chinese company, so it is out of the bidding war, but for Microsoft buying BlackBerry is ok by the Government. Unfortunately, BlackBerry is not for sale for along time. Maybe some days, but not very soon. BlackBerry put itself on the block for sale a while back, but no ones interest in it. What do you think BlackBerry will put itself for sale this time since they get their company stabilize and making small profit? No way, they are going to sale the company! If they do, not for 7 billion--maybe 20 to 30 billion I think. If Facebook paid 20 billion for Whatsapp, BlackBerry deserves more than that.
    05-22-15 10:47 AM
  2. birdman_38's Avatar
    If there's any truth to these rumours (which I doubt there is), it sounds like BlackBerry is trying to start a bidding war. Or attempting to drive up the stock price.
    05-22-15 11:08 AM
  3. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Of course, none of this means that any of the companies is actually ready to go through with any type of acquisition just yet, and we're not sure that BlackBerry is ready to give in just yet. In fact, with such huge potential investors beating around the bush, CEO John Chen may actually reinforce the idea that he is on the right track.
    proceed.recycle.Move on.
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    05-22-15 11:30 AM
  4. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    If there's any truth to these rumours (which I doubt there is), it sounds like BlackBerry is trying to start a bidding war. Or attempting to drive up the stock price.
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    05-22-15 11:31 AM
  5. Uzi's Avatar
    And crackberry buy phone arena

    05-22-15 11:38 AM
  6. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    05-22-15 11:42 AM
  7. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    I've heard an even more ridiculous rumor that a non-crackberry.com member in the US wanted to buy BlackBerry.

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    05-22-15 11:46 AM
  8. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    Even if Xiaomi wanted to buy Blackberry, it probably couldn't afford to do so.
    05-22-15 11:50 AM
  9. Andy Wijaya's Avatar
    Even if Xiaomi wanted to buy Blackberry, it probably couldn't afford to do so.
    I think they could. Really.
    05-22-15 11:50 AM
  10. thurask's Avatar
    I think they could. Really.
    Regardless, they'd have to convince the Canadian government, too.

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    05-22-15 11:53 AM
  11. m3mb3rsh1p's Avatar
    Even in a fantasy world I wouldn't want Microsoft. They have proven with Nokia what they would do with such an acquisition i.e. discard an amazing, established operating system (Symbian, Maemo). I would hate to see QNX tossed in the trash just so Microsoft can put Windows 8 in every device. They'd probably even erase the brand like they did with Nokia. No no no no no.
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    05-22-15 12:05 PM
  12. tchocky77's Avatar
    Even if Xiaomi wanted to buy Blackberry, it probably couldn't afford to do so.
    They very definitely could afford to do so.
    05-22-15 12:30 PM
  13. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    I think they could. Really.
    They very definitely could afford to do so.
    Do you have funding figures? Market capitalization (or how much a company is "worth") does not equal to cash, which is required to buy a company.

    Xiaomi Raises $1.1 Billion at $45 Billion Valuation | Re/code

    Early last year, Xiaomi completed a round of merely $1.1 billion round in funding. Prior to that, funding had been in the hundreds of millions(?). As of this moment, Xiaomi is not very profitable. BBRY has a ~$5.5 billion market capitalization. That's how much a party must pay to acquire the company.

    That is basically a layman's explanation of why Xiaomi far off from being able to afford BBRY. As a matter of fact, I think I read somewhere that even Lenovo would have a difficult time financing a BBRY deal.
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    05-22-15 01:15 PM
  14. birdman_38's Avatar
    Better counterpoint please. Thanks.
    05-22-15 01:20 PM
  15. FirstBerry101's Avatar
    Idiots all of you. BlackBerry is buying microsoft.

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    05-22-15 01:22 PM
  16. BACK-2-BLACK's Avatar
    I don't know where you get your information, but those "in the know," say she is buying Apple, not BlackBerry.
    That is correct.... I heard that a well.

    Buying Apple

    as in Apple Bottom Jeans

    Kim in those Apples !! perfect fit !!
    05-22-15 01:23 PM
  17. anon3969612's Avatar
    05-22-15 02:11 PM
  18. birdman_38's Avatar
    I heard from another reliable source that Tim Horton's is also thinking about buying BlackBerry. If successful, they will debut a delicious BlackBerry muffin to thank disgruntled BlackBerry users who post on CrackBerry as a public service to educate the unschooled masses.

    Hey, if they can help make a few disgruntled BlackBerry users a little happier (and heavier), I'm rooting for Tim's!
    Xiaomi and Microsoft thinking of buying BlackBerry per phonearena-imageuploadedbycb-forums1432322606.605896.jpg
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    05-22-15 02:23 PM
  19. Sam_93's Avatar
    What if chuck norris buys blackberry ?
    05-22-15 02:29 PM
  20. eldricho's Avatar
    Dunno about you guys, but I heard that Typo is buying BlackBerry
    Cousin's son in law's brother's uncle's mother's daughter said she knows a guy
    05-22-15 02:58 PM
  21. anon(9353145)'s Avatar
    What if chuck norris buys blackberry ?
    Attached Thumbnails Xiaomi and Microsoft thinking of buying BlackBerry per phonearena-game-over.jpg  
    05-22-15 03:24 PM
  22. cbvinh's Avatar
    How interesting it would be for Nokia to re-enter the smartphone business with BlackBerry?
    05-22-15 03:39 PM
  23. Bla1ze's Avatar

    I don't know phone arena's a legit news site it's not some guy blogging from his basement.

    Posted via CB10
    Except it's not Phone Arena. It's by Phone Arena via DigiTimes via NeoWin via BetaVille and so on and so on and so on.... and Phone Arena also decided to claim the BlackBerry slide renders created by fans were actual images of the real devices lol. - http://www.phonearena.com/news/Three...raphed_id68708. But in any case, I have to get back to work. I'm buying BlackBerry and there's a lot to do before hand.
    05-22-15 04:39 PM
  24. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Better counterpoint please. Thanks.
    You can't stop pretending that's BlackBerry pushing these news to inflate the SP.
    Over and over again, in almost any thread you touch (at least those I participated).
    Please provide some kind of evidence or just stop.
    But I'm sure you perfectly understood that at the first read , since it's not the first time I comment your - say - "vision". I'm just tired to repeat it again and again.

    Edit: To be constructive, let's say this won't be the good timing.
    05-22-15 06:11 PM
  25. trwallace's Avatar
    Just ridiculous why even post this crap?. Based on what? Some rumour from some guy who heard it from a guy that said it might be true. Give hard proof or stop wasting headline space on things that are totally fabricated.

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    05-22-15 07:23 PM
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