09-30-13 09:52 AM
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    That's pretty hardcore. Although BES10 was nixed, we're still at least maintaining the legacy BES server. At some point, though, I'm sure those still using a legacy BB are going to be told they have to move on to something else.
    We are in the same boat. No BES10. Another MDM already in place. Internal customers have spoken - they went en masse to the iPhone when it was allowed in.
    09-30-13 07:31 AM
  2. FSeverino's Avatar
    I am not challenging the prudence of having alternatives but quotes like Clients have three to six months to build a strategy. make it seem as if BlackBerry's demise is assured.
    BlackBerry's demise has been assured for two years now... where have you been?

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    09-30-13 09:52 AM
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